En liten «note to self»:

Raspbian er vel og bra, men Arch er mindre og kjappere. Info fra http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/reviews/distro-super-test-pi-edition

pacman -S windowmaker windowmaker-extra wmakerconf docker

as they are small packages they will not take very long to download even on dial-up. Using pacman downloading and installing which is done automatically with pacman took four minutes. Add a couple of minutes to make a /GNUStep folder and run ” $ wmaker.inst”. You will then have a fast sleek desktop which runs in 7 to 10 MB. I can tell you that it is much faster than Raspbian LXDE.

Window Maker is the ultimate for customisation. You can make docklets that do almost anything with simple code. I am surprised that it is not the desktop of choice for the Pi.

Om XBMC på Raspberry Pi: